The simple app to know what's open, do delivery or pickup in Luxembourg during the lockdown.

It's free to use and to list your business because it shouldn't be about making a profit on your back in this crisis. We are 💯 supporting business owners in Luxembourg. #madeinluxembourg

No signup, No tracking, No ads.

🧡 Made to support shop owner

This app is entirely free to use. We are not like that online platform that takes 10% fees on every transaction you made while they said they are helping you.

♻️ Open Data

All our data are offered for free to anyone who wants to use it do to good. That's why they are available freely on the open-data platform of Luxembourgish government, only for non-commercial use.

🕵️‍♂️ We ❤ privacy

We are not collecting any position information about you when you are using our app. It's free of any Facebook / Google tracking and we are just asking for your email when you are contributing. Which is automatically purged every week if not manually done before.


Search for open shops (or kind of)

Is this shop open? Does it make delivery? Can I pick-up my order? All thoses questions answered simply

Search around you

You can display all the venues around you and explore the map on the screen.

Search by category

Do you already know what's you're looking for? Just browse our category or search for a business name.


Want to add a venue that isn't already on the database? You can do it in the app too. As well as reporting us misleading pieces of information.

For shop owner, be seen for free

Use our app to register your business and fill the form with all the details. You'll be available in the app in a minute. And also visible to all the apps and platforms using our API.

Online in a minute
Easy to use

Simple, transparent pricing.

For shop owners


Forever. Simply.

€0/ mo
  • List your shop on our platform
  • Be searchable on the mobile app and desktop
  • Your information published on government open-data platform
  • Link your online ordering platform
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Who I am.

Thibault Milan


I'm Innovation Evangelist at a consulting firm, UX designer, Product & Service designer for several companies in the past including KPMG, worked with Apple and Adobe.


Why did you created this app?

At the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in my country, there was no easy way to get information about which shops are still open, with which changes regarding access rules or schedules ... nor which restaurants are doing delivery and pickup. I wanted something simple where all the information is accessible to everyone.

Are the data open-source?

Yes, all the information is accessible through an API and posted on the government open-data portal. Feel free to reuse it for non-commercial projects.

Does it collect informations about me? My position?

The only information I'm collecting is your email address when you are contributing by posting new information or report an error on a venue. That's to be able to contact you to get more information or thanks you. I'm removing your email from the app database as soon as it's done (from 1 day to 1 week so far).

How many time did you need to do this?

It started with a couple of evenings, 1 to 3 hours each. Then I start getting more information from several sources and try to raise public awareness about my app which takes much longer 😁

Wait you said it's free but I see €2/mo!

Well, to allow online ordering, we need a bit of automation. To do so, I use, which cost me 15$/month. In fact, I use it also for what you have in the free plan but so little I decided I can't ask people to contribute for that.

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Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.

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